More Healthier People Are Joining The FitLivn Community

With the COVID Pandemic impacting us all in more ways than one, the FitLivn community took a hit however now in 2021, things are getting back into action.

Based in Newcastle NSW, FitLivn’s community is built on the back of people wanting to better themselves. They say that you are the product of your own environment. So it’s no surprise that having a supportive network is a key ingredient to staying the path and by surrounding yourself with likeminded people that want to live a healthy lifestyle makes you want to also. Knowing that you have that environment around you, the resources and the support in your corner, is often the fire and the confidence you need to achieve your own goals.

FitLivn supports its community by linking up with industry experts to offer training and nutrition tips, how to set and achieve health goals as well as ways to be self motivated and get into the gym.

FitLivn members also get exclusive access to gyms, swimming centres and yoga/wellness studios around the Hunter. This provides members so many options and the flexibility and convenience to get in the gym before or after work or even swim a few laps during your lunch break.

Sometimes joining a new gym can be a bit daunting. I encourage you to jump onto the free community group below and see if you have any mutual friends in the FitLivn community so you can learn more and train together at one of the facilities that is convenient for you both.

The combination of a supportive community along with access to so many places is a win-win for your community. FitLivn is the ideal lifestyle membership that we all know we want and need.

How does it work:

FitLivn’s community is free to join and accessible on their Facebook page below;

FitLivn on Facebook

or if you want to be a Lifestyle Member, head to their website;

FitLivn are always looking for more facilitates to join their partner network

FitLivn’s community is growing with people that are wanting better options to keep fit and healthy. You know you want to.

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