With the Winter Season around the corner, one way to stay motivated to keep training yourself, is to join the latest free community for living a healthier lifestyle.

There is a Facebook group that supports and motivates each other every day to be better. To keep on working towards their…

With the COVID Pandemic impacting us all in more ways than one, the FitLivn community took a hit however now in 2021, things are getting back into action.

Based in Newcastle NSW, FitLivn’s community is built on the back of people wanting to better themselves. They say that you are…

During lockdown, now is probably the best time to get your creative juices flowing. You probably have a few ideas that are tinkering away in the back of your mind.

A few years ago, websites were written with complex code and was probably only limited to certain data tech guys…

Healthier Josh

Self Development Enthusiast Helping People Improve

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